Stefon Grant is a British-Jamaican artist born in London, UK. Whilst in secondary school, Stefon liked to make graphical art collages on photoshop using images he found online. His photographic journey started in 2010 when he was able to access and play with a friend's older brother's DSLR - shooting friends and buildings in London.
In 2013, Stefon accidentally found himself in a joint exhibition at Tate Modern by documentary photographers Daidō Moriyama and William Klien. The raw documentary street style and harsh black and white textures left an everlasting impression on him.
Having experimented with a variety of tools, Stefon became most passionate about using analog cameras and visiting the darkroom to carefully craft black and white prints.
Stefon mostly takes a laid back approach to photography, allowing scenes to find him and being ready and sensitive enough to recognise and capture them. His work mostly consists of friends, family, environments and objects that he's found a personal connection with. 
Exhibitions / Awards:
2022 Two Cities - The House of St Barnabas
2022 Fiwi Jamaica - The Old Street Gallery
2021 Annual Members Exhibition - The Camera Club
2017 MiAL Emerging Artists - Affordable Art Fair
2013 Nissan 'Capture Your Best Shot' Europe-wide competition - 1st Place Award
2017 BA Honours, Interaction Design Arts - London College of Communication
2013 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design - London College of Communication